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Residual Drifter: Loss of Being

C-70 Transparent case and cassette with red leader tape
Includes a tracklist inlay card and Residual Drifter: Loss of Being poster
2019 Photocopy and ink on paper 29.7 x 42 cm (11 x 16 in)
Folded, signed and numbered
Each poster is unique and hand-painted being a slight variant from each other
First edition of 10

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1. Endnote 02:02
2. Reciprocal Exhaustion 08:57
3. Screen Dawn 06:22
4. Border Hiker II 07:38
5. Dilution of matter 02:12
6. Memory Window Relapse 07:54
7. Further Healer 07:43
8. Expander 05:47
9. Leaving 05:43
10. Commune 03:10
11. Displacement Transference 04:21
12. Drunks at the lumberyard 08:17

Loss of Being is the debut album by Berlin-based audio/visual artist Residual Drifter.

The album is a gathering of tracks created between 2017 - 2019 following on from earlier releases/2018 EP Healer.

Ecology of time shifted as the marshland grew silent. All that could be heard was the sound of the illegally dumped, ageless barrels tracing the remains of their previous lives from the now-closed factory. It has been said that a group of survivalists have bordered themselves up within its acidic rust-covered caverns while the pools dwell. Reeds spurned a new growth as candlewax drips and wanes - the purpose of the land was not fit for use, decades of abandonment and decay had now formed into an overfilling relapsed realm.

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